The demand in Europe for consulting engineering services is reported every two years.

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey forecasts the demand for consulting engineering services by benchmarking fees earned from investments to the supply of services estimated from national accounts' Supply-Use Tables.

The survey website (temporarily in the process of being updated while servers are upgraded) summarises developments.

Current activity however focuses on the EFCA Sector Review that publishes a ranking of the top 150 firms which operating in Europe which supply engineering services for construction (see information).

2019 update

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey 2019 update was presented at the EFCA General Assembly Meeting (Dublin; 9 May 2019). See Summary PDF and Presentation PDF.

2017 update

The 2016 survey update and 2017 forecasts were presented at the EFCA 2017 GAM, 1 June 2017.

2016 update

The 2016 survey update was released in July 2016. See Summary PDF.

Preliminary results for the 20 largest European Union countries were presented at the the EFCA General Assembly Meeting (Sofia, 2 June 2016). See Presentation PDF.

A preliminary note covering most of the survey elements for the 14 largest European Union (EU) economies was released for comment in early 2016. See PDF.

2012 survey

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey was launched in its present form in 2012. A background note describing the survey methodology has been withdrawn pending updating and publication in late-2021 to reflect changes in the methodology and publication of the 2021 update