EFCA NACE Rev. 2 revision proposals


Revision proposals for the NACE economic activities classification.

Responses to Eurostat calls for proposals and comments regarding the revision of the NACE Revision 2 classification of economic activities have been prepared for EFCA, the European Federation of Consultancy Associations.

The revision process started in May 2019 when the European Statistical System Committee endorsed a review of NACE Revision 2 and the creation of a NACE Review Task Force.

A first round of consultations in 2018 mainly involved European Union Member States. In a second round in mid-2019, Eurostat asked industry representatives, including EFCA, to propose changes to NACE Rev. 2. EFCA submitted a detailed proposal to Eurostat as well as an online summary, see summary - PDF and report - PDF.

Eurostat responded in mid-2020 with revised proposals and asked for comments. EFCA's comments took the form of recommendations that were sent to EFCA Member Associations so that they could lobby their national statistics agency, see NACE 2 revision recommendations. These comments only concerned NACE Division M (Professional services) in spite of several other NACE Divisions being of importance for consulting engineering.

The FIDIC-EFCA Survey website gives further details in a blog post. The post refers to documents and a more detailed report that will be made available on the survey's wiki.

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