Sustainability platforms


Web platforms supporting FIDIC activities are developed and maintained.

Developing the FIDIC Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) programme of activities related Urban Sustainability Management has mainly involved the organisation of web platforms to support:

  • ISO 37101 Sustainable development in communities -- Management system for sustainable development, see
  • FIDIC-EFCA Project-Programme Sustainability Logbook, see

ISO 37101 project developers guide

FIDIC's main contribution to the ISO 37101 series of standards and guides is the drafting of ISO 37109 - Practical guidance for project developers - Meeting ISO 37101 framework principles (the so-called "Developers Guide to ISO 37101").

The guide aims to ensure that a project meets the aspirations and requirements of an ISO 37101 system that may or may not be implemented at a city, community or neighbourhood level. Following approval of a new work item, ISO has set up a task group (ISO TC268 WG1 TG3) to draft the ISO 37109 developers guide. Information about ISO 37109 wass consolidated at which has now been dicontinued.

PPSL toolbox

A Project/Programme Sustainability Logbook (PPSL) supports the design, construction, operation and monitoring of a built asset to help ensure that sustainability features are agreed upon by all stakeholders and pursued throughout the asset's life-cycle.

The built asset may take many forms ranging from a building or a service infrastructure facility to a group of buildings with or without infrastructure to a programme involving a collection of assets. A PPSL helps shareholders and interested parties establish and share a vision for sustainable development, and to ensure that this vision is preserved and monitored from the planning phase through construction and operation until the asset's end-of-life.

A PPSL logbook forms part of the PPSL toolbox comprising:

  • Web platforms to manage and maintain PPSL logbooks;
  • Monitoring Tables in on-and off-line tools that form the basis for a logbook;
  • Explanatory Notes in guidelines to help establish a common language;
  • Repertoire with information sheets giving descriptions and links to relevant sustainablity frameworks;
  • User Instructions to help users create and maintain a logbook;
  • Guidelines providing a overview.

Web platform sites

The PPSL platform site at to allows users to manage and maintain a PPSL logbook has been discontinued .

However, since the PPSL toolbox has the urban environment as a focus (most global environmental, social and governance issues are located in cities) the PPSL platform site has been updated to the Urban Sustainability Management site by incorporating not only PPSL logbook criteria but also ISO 37120 and ISO 37122 city indicators. Development of this platform will continue.